Dance with Joy Studios GoFundMe

A Safer Home for Dance with Joy Studios

Dance with Joy Studios needs your help. The building we have been leasing and calling home for the last six years has come to a place of uncertainty for its future. We have been notified by the City of Portland that our building is the wrong occupancy and we will be shut down unless the building is upgraded to legal safety codes. The cost of this upgrade would be upwards of $200,000.00. Our landlord does not wish to upgrade the building with their money and has asked us to upgrade if we wish to stay.
As we face this unknown future for the building we find ourselves guided to the necessity of finding funding to attempt to buy the building so that we may upgrade to legal safety codes. If it is not possible for us to purchase and own our current building we would then use the funding to buy a new building and transition to a new home location. We would very much like to remain in our current Sellwood/ Westmoreland community and need your help with funding to afford to stay. Thank you for considering this heartfelt request for your support.


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