Blues Dancing

Hot Blues Basics class is about the organic connection between the music and your partner. Learn how to move to a variety of beats.  Understand how to improvise steps within a set of standard techniques that will include connection, balance, turns, and traveling.


About the Instructor: Marjorie Taylor

Marjorie has been dancing as long as she can remember and loves the romance of it. She discovered  Blues Dancing in 2002, and decided that it was one of her favorite social dances because it could be fused with many dance styles.  Marjorie was asked to teach blues dancing in 2010 and enjoyed it so much she decided to continue. She met her husband Dexter at the 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival.

When he saw her dancing by herself with her eyes closed, he went up to her and asked, “What’s a beautiful woman like you dancing by herself?”  She replied, “You can dance with me.”  They have been partnering ever since.



Amazing instructions! I’m a beginner and almost immediately felt at ease. Marjorie & Dexter are the absolute best! Where’s that blues hall let’s go!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

It was so fun! Thank you for the great energy and nice feeling. It made me feel comfortable with dancing and not afraid of it.   Awesome!


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