How to Pre-register

We love it when students pre-register for our classes! *

Dance With Joy Studios offers 3 options when pre-registering for classes.

  1. Pre-register online.
  2. In-person: Ask your instructor or our front desk staff to pre-register you.
  3. Email with your full name and the class(es) you wish to pre-register for (class name(s), date(s), and time(s)).

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have
Call: (503) 236 8160

*All classes at Dance with Joy Studios require a 3-5 person minimum enrollment.  If a class has low enrollment 24 hours before, this class may be cancelled by the teacher or the teacher may choose to offer the preregistered students a private lesson for a greatly reduced price of $30-$50.  Please pre-register for each class you wish to take so that your instructor will know 24 hours before if their minimum enrollment has been met. Thank you for your care and understanding for our studio instructors and the studio.