Paths to Learning

Group Classes, Workshops, Dance Parties & Private Lessons!

A Group Class at DANCE with JOY STUDIOS

A Group Class at DANCE with JOY STUDIOS

Weekly Group Classes & Workshops

Weekly group classes and special workshops are an excellent way to enhance your learning while meeting other active people. We teach a variety of group classes, offering something for everyone. Over the course of a group class a student will discover “muscle memory” and learn about the music and history of a dance style, in addition to important technique, styling and pattern knowledge to be successful on the social dance floor.

Bring your dance partner or bring yourself; singles are welcome! Rotation is encouraged but not required, so if you wish to remain with your own special someone that is very okay.  Our teachers make the process of learning to dance both fun and easy for beginners and advanced dancers alike.

All of our group classes & dance parties welcome drop-ins. Some of the group class teachers will teach in a dance routine format, beginning the choreography at the 1st class of the month. We offer a punch card solution for those that may wish to simply buy a package of classes and do a sampling of different styles, choosing their own curriculum path. In addition, the punch card solution offers a discount price break with increasing number of classes purchased. (See Rates & Policies for further details.) If you prefer not to use a punch card but to instead “pre-register” for a specific class, that starts at the beginning of the month and ends 4 weeks later, please pre-register by contacting us directly, or sign up online. Finally, you may drop-in anytime without registering or purchasing a punch card, to enjoy a single class one at a time. Our hope is to provide you with options that make your choice of learning to dance easier!

Please let us know your thoughts, sharing your ideas that help us to serve you better. Thank you! :)

Dance Parties

Our weekly dance socials and dance parties are a great way to practice what you are learning in your group classes and private lessons while socializing, meeting new friends, and enjoying healthy exercise! We offer a West Coast Swing social on Mondays, a Country Western Social on Tuesdays, a Salsa Social on Wednesdays, a Ballroom Dance Social on Thursdays and a Argentine Tango practice on both late night Friday and afternoon on Saturday, and a 2nd, 4th & 5th Saturday Dance With Joy Party (a combination of all the partner dance styles together in one fun dance party!)  Check our calendar for upcoming dance parties.

Private Lessons!

The fastest way to learn to dance is with private lessons. A private lesson is a one hour time block (55-minutes teaching & 5 minute scheduling) with one-on-one instruction from a qualified dance professional. Students learn essential technique and lead/follow connection, along with dance patterns and vocabulary, from their private lesson teacher. Whether you learn as a single person or as a couple, you will discover the joy of success in your partner dancing. At Dance With Joy Studios our instructors teach all styles of partner dancing and solo dancing (posture/alignment, lead/follow connection, technique, patterns/choreography, styling and timing). More information on private lessons may be found here. Simply schedule your private lesson today by contacting us directly, or sign up online.