Group Classes

A Group Class at DANCE with JOY STUDIOS

A Group Class at DANCE with JOY STUDIOS

Enhance your experience of leaning with fun group classes! You will disocver more about the music and history of a dance style in addition to important techniques, styling and step patterns to be successful on the social dance floor. You can increase the number of dances you can learn in a short amount of time by attending group classes. The best part is you will meet new friends—our teachers and students create a dance family community—here at Dance with Joy Studios.

Our group classes can be measured by how fun and enjoyable they make your learning experience. We believe you’ll find us a ’10’ in that regard. In addition to a delightful experience, you’ll get clear, accurate and up-to-date instruction every time from every instructor. Click here for our calendar.

Choosing Your Group Class

Our classes are taught in five levels in three main tiers:

  • Beginning — Level 1: students have never danced before or are still new to dancing, up to 6 months of experience.
  • Intermediate — Levels 2-3: students are no longer Beginning but still not Intermediate/Advanced, and have danced anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years.
  • Advanced— Levels 4-5: students are very familiar with dancing and have a high learning “curve”. These dancers have danced anywhere from 2 years on up.

For each dance class we teach there is a class name, level, style and dance. The best indicators of which class to take will be the level and the dance. Choose your group classes here, pre-register and pre-pay today!


Signing Up for a Class

Please pre-register before the next calendar month so we know how many people to expect. Drop-ins are always welcome but group classes require a minimum number of students by the first week or they will be cancelled for the month. Some classes have a dance routine you learn over the course of the month, beginning the first week. Check the schedule to be certain the classes you’re interested in have enough students to run for the month, and please help us promote your classes so that we can continue to offer them.


To help us start on time, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your classes.

Paying for a Class, a Series or a Sampling of Different Classes

  • Punch Cards—for a class series, or for a sampling of different group classes, choosing your own curriculum path. Punch cards have discounted price breaks with increasing number of classes purchased. See Rates & Policies for further details.
  • Pre-Register & Pay Online—for a specific class series, that starts at the beginning of the calendar month and ends 4 weeks later. This option does include a small fee.
  • Drop-In Anytime—without pre-registering or purchasing a punch card, to enjoy any single class. You will need cash or check and about 10 minutes to fill out a student information form, if you are new. See Rates & Policies for further details.

Got ideas for us? Let us know your thoughts that help us to serve you better!