Private Lessons

Private lessons (1 or 2 students with a teacher) are an opportunity for one-on-one coaching from one of our wonderful teachers. Students often learn faster in a private lesson than in a group class with this opportunity for individual attention, learning at their own pace. Our teachers makes it fun and easy for beginners and advanced dancers alike. Recommended for all dancers, private lessons, when used in conjunction with group classes and practice, can speed up a student’s progress exponentially. Private lessons address and improve the following important areas:

  • Skills of Leading and Following ~ Connection & Communication
  • Technique ~ Footwork, Styling, Spins/Turns, Cuban Motion, Body Isolations
  • Timing & Rhythm ~ Music Education
  • Dance Etiquette ~ Tips for Social Dancing Success! :)
  • Ways of Learning ~ Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory

Instructor Levels

We provide 3 tiers of instructors for our students to choose from (depending on availability):

Instructor Level:       Hourly Rate: Dance Instructor Level’s of Training & Expertise
Professional Coach                     $85 World Championship or National Championship level Competition title holder/professional adjudicator/highly respected instructor who travels and teaches at events nationally and throughout the world.
Staff Teacher                                $75 Certified dance professional with 3 or more years of teaching experience/ awards / highly respected credentials in their areas of dance expertise.
Apprentice Teacher                     $65 Training dance professional who is apprenticing at our studio.

Private lessons are 55 minutes in length and are taught by appointment. Appointments are scheduled by availability for each instructor between 9 AM – 10 PM , 7 days a week.  Students are invited to choose from all our instructors and schedule a private lesson today by contacting us via email OR by phone at 503 236 8160.

Cancellation Policy

All private lessons have a 24-hour cancellation policy and we respectfully ask you for this courtesy of providing 24 hours notice to cancel or change any appointments. Without 24 hours notice we will charge a cancellation fee of $45. Thank you for your understanding about this important care for our teachers’ time.