Socials, Practicas, and Dance Parties

MondaysDance parties, socials, and practicas for all levels at Dance with Joy Studios in Portland, OR

9:30p West Coast Swing Dance Social & Practica


9:30p Zouk Dance Social & Practica

9:30p EC Swing, Balboa & Lindy Social & Practica


9:30p Cuban Salsa & Latin Dance Social & Practica


9:30p Country & Ballroom Dance Social & Practica


9:00p Argentine Tango Dance Social & Practica

9:00p 2nd Friday: Swing & More Dance Party!


7:30p Dance with Joy Party Lesson

1st Saturday: West Coast Party!

2nd Saturday: Ballroom & More Party!

3rd Saturday: Latin & More Party!

4th Saturday: Waltz & More Party!

5th Saturday: Country & More Party!

8:30p Enjoy social dancing to beautiful music w friends, sharing fun-times with a dance family!


7:30p Sunday Special Event Lesson & Party TBA (check schedule!)

8:30p Sunday Special Event Lesson & Party TBA (check schedule!)

*Child Care Available with 48 hours preregistration. Turn a dance lesson & party into a “date night” ! :)