Ballroom Kids

Dance Like the Stars K-12 School Residencies

Currently all of our programs for K-12 ages are in the schools with daytime dance residencies offered through Young Audiences of Oregon and the Right Brain Initiative. It is similar to, and created from, the program offered in New York City that was made into the popular documentary film Mad Hot Ballroom. Our program introduces the art of partner dancing and the important etiquette it requires for success as students learn to appreciate and respect one another while acting the part of young gentlemen and ladies. Our team enjoys working with this age group and trusts it will make a positive difference in their lives. We work hard to teach etiquette, kindness, empathy, respect, team work, self-esteem, self-awareness along with other awareness, and the responsibility to make a positive choice and care for one another. It is sometimes challenging, yet always worthwhile and great fun!

Here’s an OPB Oregon Art Beat video of our Kids Ballroom Dancing program.

Mad Hot Ballroom Movie Preview

Classes at Dance with Joy Studios for Children & Youth

Ballroom dancing develops strength, coordination, skill and, most of all, confidence in oneself. Help your child gain the above by attending dance classes designed for kids and teens. Your child will learn about music, history, other cultures, and working with others in addition to gaining a skill they can use for a lifetime.

Dance with Joy Studios provides a safe, accepting and fun environment in which to learn.  Students learn the fundamentals of dance, including posture, musical timing, technique, patterns and lead and follow.


To enroll your child in Dance with Joy Studios kids ballroom dance classes, please contact us. We can enroll your child over the phone or email and also provide you with information on dance shoes and proper dance attire.

On your child’s first day of class, please arrive a 5 minutes early in order to familiarize yourself with our facility, meet the instructor and sign in. Parents must accompany their child on the first day of class in order to sign a liability waiver for their child.