NIA for Kids

NIA for Kids (ages 3-6)

Nia for Kids is an adaptation of The Nia Technique, which is a movement form consisting of martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia for Kids is all about “The Joy of Movement”, the joy that comes from moving the body in a creative and natural way. It encourages freedom of expression and play that serves as the foundation of a healthy relationship with the body. Activities compliment preschoolers’ and kindergartners’ cognitive, physical, and social development The one hour class will consist of activities such as story dancing, yoga stations, dancing crayon projects, freedance, and much more!

  • TBA Our Nia for Kids teacher went on sabbatical back to school and will return in January 2015.
  • Until she returns, Kids are welcome to join Adult Nia with a parent chaperone for All ages Nia! <3